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3D Art

These 3d modeling projects are created in 3dmax and basic models in cartoon form are used to create these models.

Software: 3D max

Nike Animation

This project encompasses 3d Brand animation for Nike logo.Nike logo animation has always been a little irreverent and playful. So, I Thought to bring some of that energy into the branding with animations of the logo. I decide up to use lighting from different direction one by one on the model for animation as the glass Nike model will look prettier with lightning pass-through glass Nike Logo and will finally show the character dancing as the light moves around the logo and comes to a bold view of my Nike logo model.

Software: 3D Max


Breakfast scene

These 3d models inculcate 3d breakfast Scene in soft and subtle form, lightning and camera views are used to render the shots from different angles of the 3d scene.

Software: 3D Max

3d Kkitchen room.png
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