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UI/UX Designs

The Brand Visual identity attracts the user. So, As part of my branding services, I work collaboratively with my clients to ensure that the brand story is integrated into visual representations.

This project represents Brand Guidelines for Nx Rentals a Jet-Ski app. This app offers a unique service that allows customers to rent high-quality Jet-Ski and Snowmobile equipment in different locations across Ontario.
Due to the outdated company website, the booking system often turns glitchy and overwhelmed also the company wants to expand its locations. The platform for the development of this application is to reach more locations within Ontario and replace the current booking system. The biggest benefit of the App would provide users with Sign Up/ Login to track data, rental details/ safety information, book date and length of rental, rental agreement, history, non-refundable booking, notification & confirmation of bookings & map locater. All solutions can be reached under one platform.

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